Thursday, March 2, 2017

Yoon-ah, Sohee... Girls who erased the "girl group" tag

Article via Naver 

Article is about their new found success as actresses. Yoon-ah with "Confidential Assignment" and Sohee with "Single Rider"

[+2793, -92] Erase? What erase? Lol. The girl group tag is thick as a wall

[+1921, -10] Is there even a need to erase it?
>Yoonah is doing it well
> It's not a negative comment but it means that by doing well in both fields you don't need to introduce yourself as part of a girl group

[+1920, -243] Yoon-Ah was so funny is Cooperation

[+1734, -289] I was watching Cooperation yesterday and Yoon-ah was so good, her ability as an actress surprised me

[+856, -44] You don't need to clear the girl group tag. If as idols you are capable actors then that will be a good example to show to other idols

[+295, -30] Yoon-ah is still active as an idol? 

[+218, -22] What idol? If they are good they should be praised for whatever they do. These prejudices are made by the public and if you are a cultural consumer then you need to do so without prejudice

[+291, -53] It was not even a big role, I like it because it shows that you can work hard even for a small role. Especially Yoon-Ah, she has the right attitude and approach.

[+185, -20] Why is the girl group a tag? Shouldn't they be proud to be part of SNSD and Wonder Girls?

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