Thursday, March 16, 2017

Yoon Restaurant reveal official poster and roles of each actor

Yoon Yuh Jung will be the chef and the boss who will manage the restaurant. She will show all her charisma as a leader.

Jung Yumi will be the assistant chef in a very war like kitchen

Lee Seo Jin who received a lot of love from viewers for his variety skills will be using all his experience as  a dishwasher, national porter, baker king, millstone barrista to help in the restaurant.

Veteran actor Shin Goo who joined the program later, has surprised the production team with his english and will be in charge of welcoming the foreigner guests into the restaurant.

 [+2670, -67] The pictures are fun to look at... I'm looking forward to this

[+2405, -101] Woah, the ideas of Na-Pd are amazing!

[+1908, -68] The concept is so cool

[+1167, -50] Waiting waiting~~

[+802, -45] Woah

[+170, -8] Lee Seo Jin is having a second life since he met Na- PD! Na PD is seriously tvN's civil servant

[+133, -2] Na PD looks so much like Lee Seo Jin ㅋㅋㅋ

[+119, -8] Lee Seo Jin will have to do this everyday... It's gonna be funny

[+110, -8] This poster reminds me of summer, it's coming soon

[+107, -11] Ah it feels so warm just looking at this poster... Na PD's concepts all have a real family like atmosphere, I can't wait for this

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