Saturday, March 4, 2017

"You're Too Much" premiere: Uhm Jung Hwa praised. Goo Hye Sun criticized for her poor acting.

[+3508, -321] Goo Hye Sun seems to have a tremor when she speaks ... so it seems like she isn't even talking. Even in the honeymoon diary, when I saw the interview scene, her voice was irregular and trembling. Am I the only one feeling this way?

 > [+630, -62] I agree with you. When I see her, I always feel something awkward compared to other performers. I think it's a problem, No sound, no power, a weak voice ... I think she practiced a lot of acting  ...I personally find it very sad. Even the facial expression is awkward

[+2612, -114] There's nothing Uhm Jung Hwa can't do! Dancing, acting, singing!

[+2327, -104] I can't believe Uhm Jung Hwa is 50! And she's always challenging herself!

[+1905, -127] Uhm Jung Hwa hard carrying this drama!

[+1635, -101] Uhm Jung Hwa is so good at acting!

[+787, -60] I was impressed when I watched Goo Hye-sun's honeymoon diary but I'm sad about the drama. If you are going to continue acting, I hope you will reduce your hobbies and go practice your acting. Practice with an acting teacher .. Weekend dramas last a long time so please think about the viewers watching this.

[+663, -50] It's true that Goo Hye Sun's voice is unstable. Whether it's a voice problem or a vocalization problem, it's very uncomfortable to listen to

[+602, -41] Goo Hye Sun please ask YG to get you an acting teacher. Let's set our pride aside and let's learn

[+521, -58] Goo Hye Sun can't act, her voice is strange. It's so frustrating

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