Friday, April 7, 2017

Gong Yoo, Nam Goong Min, Park Bo Gum nominated for Best Actor, Baeksang Awards.

[+2416, -84] The nominations for Best Actor in TV and Best Actress in a Movie are seriously so competitive...

[+1734, -65] This year is so competitive... Congrats on being nominated! I can't wait for the Baeksang Awards!

[+1492, -43] Hul, congrats on being nominated! Anyway the awards will be handed during the ceremony, no need to argue here

[+1421, -70] The male nominees are outstanding!

[+1096, -57] The TV nominations are incredible

[+595, -81] Park Bo Gum did so well in Moonlight Drawn By Clouds. Nam Goong Min did so well in Chief Kim. Gong Yoo did so well in Goblin. Very competitive.

[+397, -35] Woah... This is a real competition. I'm nervous because everyone acted so well and the ratings were all good.

[+392, -35] Along with the Blue Dragon Awards, the Baeksang Awards are really fair. Just being nominated is an honor. Everyone is great. Especially the male competition is really tight!

[+340, -24] Woah, congratulations to those nominated for teh first time! Everyone is a good actor!

[+315, -24] Congrats to everyone!

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