Thursday, April 27, 2017

Happy Together: Jeon Hye Bin opens up about her relationship with Lee Jun Ki

Article via Naver 

"Honestly, a lot of actors don't disclose their relationships because it is inevitable someone ends up suffering some damage.

The timing wasn't right, we also care about the production crew of the works we appear in.

Also a lot of fans get hurt from these news so we never aimed for a public relationship."

[+5370, -316] Park Min Young was also acting as an entertainer but suddenly overnight she became the tragic deserted hero? Entertainment is entertainment so don't get too immersed otherwise it wouldn't be called entertainment.

[+4249, -525] I don't know what's so wrong with this. Of course viewers might feel a sense of betrayal but why not bless them when they are together? Lee Jun Ki, Jeon Hye Bin, love prettily

[+3573, -518] Isn't this only a problem for people who watch entertainment as if it was a documentary

[+2511, -357] Be happy

[+468, -52] If you don't get caught it's better to not have a public relationship... If you split up your names will always be associated... I guess it's best to be quietly dating

[+408, -52] It wouldn't have been a problem if they didn't get caught... the timing was a b*tch, that asshole reporter blew the news

[+435, -81] Park Min Young is an actress, she also played her emotions, why do you take entertainment as a documentary?

[+392, -74] Entertainers are also people, of course they can love. But Lee Jun Ki on My Ear's Candy made it seem like a lover concept instead of a friendly conversation. There is no script and the viewers immersed themselves, Lee Jun Ki wanted to try romantic comedy and change his image, he really wanted to be an entertainer

[+321, -51] I think celebrities privacy should be protected, however this is not a drama, I hate to see lies. If you're such a pro, do not come. Haven't you been dating for a few years so why were you saying those things? Confusing cast and crew... why are the viewers treated like the crazy ones

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