Thursday, April 27, 2017

Kim Joo Hyuk gets asked about marriage plans "Marriage? No one knows about that. If it happens it happens"

[+857, -18] People who are openly dating are likely to get embarrassed when asked marriage questions

[+686, -13] Not married and without kids, don't ask him things like that, it doesn't depend on him alone

[+415, -14] If it's not meant to be then it's not meant to be, what can a person do

[+365, -13] We're very nosy in this country

[+240, -19] Gutaeng Hyung I was surprised to see your acting, looking forward to more works in the future

[+87, -3] Why are you asking him things like that? Do reporters get asked when they'll get a promotion or what their annual salary is?

[+67, -2] Stop getting involved in people's lives!! Reporters!!

[+57, -1] Dating and marriage with someone you're not meant to be with is a waste of money, time and only wounds will remain

[+70, -6] Honestly if you're not gonna get married then you'll just break up within three years

[+52, -0] Reporters are getting worse. You're supposed to ask him about his movie, you're making him and other actors uncomfortable

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