Friday, April 7, 2017

Kim Min Hee, Kim Hye Soo, Son Ye Jin nominated for Best Actress, Baeksang Awards.

[+2165, -217] If you leave out Kim Min Hee's private scandal, she did some good acting. Son Ye Jin's role as Princess Deokhye will not be forgotten any time soon. The affair is the affair and art is art, we should make a distinction. 

[+1028, -80] Ra Mi Ran for best supporting actress and Ma Dong Seok for best supporting actor. They did a good job.

[+1501, -279] Kim Min Hee should withdraw

[+1256, -222] Take that immoral woman off the list

[+513, -49] In any field, talented people should be recognized for their talent and character

[+346, -49] Kim Min Hee should face some consequences for her affair

[+234, -24] Shameless sinner, how can the movie industry reward you when you broke a family? Even if you're good at acting, you should pay for your crimes. What a sad world

[+271, -48] Take Kim Min Hee off the list, she's not relevant anymore

[+185, -22] Kim Min Hee is not qualified for an award

[+145, -11] Youn Yuh Jung actor-nim fighting!!!! Let's get this award!ㅠㅠ

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