Sunday, April 30, 2017

Kim Sung Ryung, 50 years old, enviable beauty

[+6742, -60] Of course you might have been born with good genes but the real victory is a thorough self management. Nothing in this world is for free.

[+4000, -68] Woah....

[+2912, -41] Something is different..

[+2838, -55] Wow seriously a baby face... I watched your drama and was cheering a lot... Looks younger with age

[+2503, -101] Woah, is this for real??

[+1383, -25] Kim Sung Ryung, Lee Il Hwa... I really respect you for your level of self management

[+1178, -45] The twenty years old you meet nowadays... This nuna is prettier than 70% of them

[+896, -20] She's 50 years old for real??

[+765, -16] Her body is better than any 20 year old

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