Sunday, April 23, 2017

Lee Il Hwa, 47 years old, shows off her abs for Grazia


[+6868, -73] It's even hard to make a body like this in your twenties... Her self management is no joke

[+4892, -76] A different feel from when she was younger, elegant and classy

[+3963, -60] Duk Seon's mom indeed

[+2906, -51] Daebak, so so coolㅠㅠ

[+2574, -50] She really did it. I want to get a copy!

[+971, -18] Lee Il Hwa and Kim Sung Ryung are not omonies, they're noonas <3

[+841, -12] Are Lee Il Hwa and Kim Sung Ryung even real people? Sincerely too perfect

[+631, -16] She's got the looks and the acting 

[+535, -10] Unnie Lee Il Hwa, unnie Kim Sung Ryung, goddesses of self management

[+461, -9] Woah, I'll pay my respects today and postpone my diet till tomorrow

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