Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Netizen react to reports that Jun Ji Hyun bought 32.5 billion won worth of real estate

[+9284, -146] In Gangnam... 32.5 billion won... I used to think that money isn't everything in life... but living in this world, your only safety device is money

[+7186, -105] I envy them... The celeb life

[+6716, -98] It's surprising that a three story house is worth 30 billion

[+6153, -84] It's hard for general public to even collect 100 million won... These celebs...

[+3252, -63] Wow....

[+1096, 52] I honestly wonder if there is any other job that sets you for life like celebrities... They don't have to worry about anything anymore

[+926, -11] Meanwhile I'm worried about my credit card debit tomorrow...

[+823, -18] My entire belongings are only worth 100 million won... This article is so uncomfortable 

[+766, -31] Articles like these make me sick. This is not reality. Reality is that you get paid an hourly wage of less than 7000 won. 

[+597, -15]  This is why even pigs will do everything to be celebs

[+763, -93] Jun Ji Hyun, make some donations

[+495, -10] My only wish is to live just one year without worrying about money, I envy you

[+394, -6] Do not post these kind of articles... It's hard for me to even pay my credit card debt... I already feel like death, you think I can pull myself together if I see this kind of article?

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