Friday, April 21, 2017

Ryu Jun Yeol's agency C-JeS to sue repeat and new offenders who post malicious comments about the actor.

Article via Naver

[+4815, -377] If you don't like him, I don't understand why you leave malicious comments.. if you don't like him, just turn your attention away... Anyway, the answer to malicious comments is punishment.

[+3514, -297] If you don't like something then just let it go I don't understand why you're logging in just to write malicious content

[+3056, -296] I am cheering for you

[+2784, -297] Please cheer up

[+725, -96] Well done. No one should tolerate malicious content.

[+700, -90] Malicious commentators should be held responsible

[+643, -88] One should not tolerate or ignore people who post malicious comments

[+657, -96] Should have done this earlier. The pain of the actors and their fans who suffered from malicious comments will not be resolved by punishment but at least these commentators will go away

[+594, -75] Funny how they (the families of the malicious commentators) sent petitions (to C-JeS) asking for leniency on hate comments.

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