Friday, April 21, 2017

SBS' gag show "People Looking For Laughter" issue an apology after international call outs

This is SBS' "People Looking For Laughter"

We would like to point out the position of the production crew on the controversial gag skit.

We apologize for the inconvenience to the viewers because the production team did not carefully review the contents of the skit.

The clip was removed immediately and we will be more careful to avoid this issue in the future.

[+2977, -182] You keep making excuses but didn't Eric Nam refuse to dress up as Gandhi and Hong Suk Chun in SNL before and changed it to Krillin

[+2357, -119] This is entirely the fault of broadcasters. The fact that you did not filter these things is not much different from the broadcaster's perception. You shouldn't make the comedian a scapegoat. Individual mistakes and collective mistakes are different in their dimensions. The broadcaster should be more apologetic than this.

[+1702, -117] To laugh at racial discrimination is really sad 

[+1388, -59] Stop discriminating against black people and south asian countries

[+1162, -58] Korea is a closed culture, there is no sense of international culture at all

[+202, -22] Don't you not know that asians are treated no better than black people (in the sense of why are you still doing this)

[+156, -10] Although we ourselves are discriminated against abroad, in Korea we have no consideration for black people

[+131, -3] Let's improve our perception

[+117, -4] So nowadays to be funny, you paint your face black.. I don't find it funny

[+95, -5] Even if it's a matter of individual being racist, this was still broadcast on the airwaves, a national disgrace

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