Sunday, April 30, 2017

"The Mayor" Movie Netizen Reviews

[+840, -506] 2/10 There is no sense of tension and the story is just rough, it wants to show politicians who do not resort to any means to win the elections but there's no thrill of confrontation or conflict. And I don't know why silly Shim Eun Kyung even appeared in this movie.

[+468, -159] 10/10 As expected from Choi Min Sik! His acting skills don't even need words anymore

[+465, -159] 10/10 Choi Min Sik daebak, just like the old days. Kwak Do Won and Moon So Ri's acting is no joke either

[+399, -134] 10/10 It was really good. Choi Min Sik's acting is a real lucky charm

[+397, -145] 10/10 This is a realistic political movie and Choi Min Sik and Kwak Do Won show perfect harmony

[+339, -120] 10/10 Acting was really good, especially the speech. The last scene was so deep. I watched a really good movie.

[+318, -128] 10/10 A really great movie, a must see before the presidential elections. More actors should try realistic movies like this

[+239, -48] 10/10 As expected from the legend Choi Min Sik... His acting and Kwak Do Won's acting gave me goosebumps. Real politicians.

[+167, -60] 10/10 All the actors were good and it made me want to go vote

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