Sunday, April 30, 2017

Tunnel Episode 12

Park Kwangho ends up going to the past in the middle of his fight with the serial killer

[+3243, -19] Ya....... Daebak......

[+2598, -45] This is the best drama of my life, every episode looks like a movieㅋㅋㅋ

[+1834, -28] Why aren't you airing next week? How do I wait?

[+1563, -26] Go meet Yeon suk-ah fast!!

[+849, -23] A writer that even surpassed the great Signal, this drama is rising!

[+750, -14] Park Kwangho back to the past just when he was supposed to lose consciousness... The development is crazy.... Writer-nim you're a genius... I'm really wondering what will happen now that he's in the past... Crazy drama

[+731, -11] This is the best drama of this year

[+673, -6] So when Kwangho gets a shock in the tunnel he goes back to the past.... If Kwangho has gone for good, Kim Sunjae will be so sorry

Park Kwangho figures out who the killer is

[+576, -5] He went back to the past...

[+535, -13] Daebak, this drama is just daebak

[+422, -5] The coroner is something else, your opponent is a homicide detective you jerk

[+383, -9] This is so annoying, he went back to the past and next week there are no episodes!

[+316, -12] Hul, the fight sent him back to the past

[+155, -3] So he want back to the past dressed in jacket and blue jeans so he'll meet Yeon Seok in style!

[+165, -6] Crazy drama... If this was broadcast in any of the major 3 stations it would get at least 20% audience ratings

[+128, -4] Woah, how do you go back to the past??? Woah what is this reversal???

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