Friday, April 21, 2017

Tunnel PD: if it was no different than Signal & MoM, we wouldn't have made it. Thanks to new writer and lively young actors

Article via Naver

[+2440, -45] It's a really interesting drama, the response was more than I thought. There is no acting holes, the story is fine and not boring, it's really fun. Really just fun, a novelty drama.

[+1375, -42] Can you please stop with Signal... Every work has its own color and charm, don't attach that genre to Signal and make comparisons. In the day of the production presentation, it was nothing like Signal.

[+999, -23] In our Park Kwang Ho's awesome voice... yaaa, whaaat ㅋㅋㅋ

[+662, -39] When I think about it, the killer is not Jung Ho Young... It's the autopsy doctor who worked with Choi Jin Hyuk in the past

[+538, -30] "I have to go back to Yeon Suk-ah"... So the child of Park Kwangho lost her parents as a kid and was adopted by a foreigner... So much fun... A thriller drama with so many things to unfold

[+152, -15] I have seen Signal and while watching Tunnel I found nothing in it that's similar to Signal

[+140, -13] Is it even possible for Kwangho and Yeonsuk to meet againㅜㅜ I really want them to meet againㅜㅜ

[+118, -9] Stop comparing it with Signal

[+146, -24] For my taste, this drama is more fun than Signal

[+99, -9] Without all the Signal comparisons, this article wouldn't have to be written. Please stop talking about Signal

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