Saturday, April 15, 2017

Tunnel writer Lee Eun Mi: "I am confident that in the world we live in today, this drama will be a meaningful work"

(Interview via Chosun)

Q: Why did you use the time slip element?

A: The time slip was necessary to our story. The fact that Kwangho came from 30 years in the past is the most important element in the story. 

Why did he come to 2017, and will he be able to get back to the past. You'll have to watch and see.

Q: How different is Tunnel from other dramas, what will make it attract attention?

A: Choi Jin Hyuk plays the character of Kwangho. He is a detective hell bent on saving people. But these days with the current science behind criminal investigations, there might not be need for people like Kwangho to catch criminals. 

So I really wanted people with his mindset running around in 2017. 

I thought that in our world right now, it's not that we cannot save people, it's that we do not?

Q: Why did you choose specifically the image of a "tunnel"?

A: When you go out of the tunnel, I thought that the unfolding of a totally different world would go well with the beginning of our drama. 

Also, I chose the spatial image of a tunnel that goes from darkness to light, because in my opinion, it illustrates perfectly the theme of the drama.

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