Saturday, May 6, 2017

A fandom that put their hashtag on the Gangneung wildfire

The Gangneung city government said more than 2,500 residents were ordered to flee Saturday as a wind-fed forest fire spread in the eastern city.

About 300 residents are known to have fled from their homes after the blaze started on a hill near Daegwallyeong, a mountain pass close to the east coast, at around 3:30 p.m., according to city officials.

Link via Instiz

Oh My God..


Not to generalize but I'm really upset... How many people living in Gangneung must feel angry and speechless... I'm worried about my own fandom

Oh my God


This fandom again... I have no words

Hul? Aren't you trying a bit too hard

They're crazy

Is this for real? I'm shocked

Do not generalize anything out of this

Why would you do that

Amazing how many are shielding this

I know, this is our fandom's fault... I am also worried about the forest fires... I didn't think about it at first, didn't realize the severity of the fire, I am embarrassed about this and I apologize for it, please do not get angry

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