Tuesday, May 2, 2017

[Article Translation] "Legitimate 1st place?" Reason why Laboum's company's CF explanation is pitiful


The group Laboum finally opened up about the controversy. Despite the fact that there are entangled issues with advertisers, they still decided to go public with it. Why did they decide to open up about this controversy in detail, and does their explanation even make sense?

The sajaegi suspicions started from KBS Music Bank show where Laboum won 1st place.

According to Hanteo chart, and compared to their previous album, Laboum's sales were ten times higher and even surpassed those of Lovelyz and Mamamoo. Naturally suspicion arose and Laboum's 1st place win couldn't be enjoyed. 

So the company Global H released their official position, and the controversy worsened.
Advertiser S bought the Laboum albums rightfully through the distributor and were planning on announcing it (announcing that Laboum is their brand ambassador) through a reward event.
Although there is an advertising secrecy clause, as Laboum's image worsened... it prompted the advertiser to be understanding of the situation and cooperate.

The agency argued that not only the general public but also Laboum's fandom questioned the doings of Global H so they had to release the news about the advertising company. To them an official press release was the best way to avoid losing both the fandom and the public's interest.

BUT, is this explanation 100% right? The advertiser brought large amounts of music through the distributor for their reward event, and the girl group topped the singer charts. For the sake of comparison, before that Laboum were outside of the top 300 in Melon.

Of course, since the advertiser bought the music legally through the distributor, the agency's claim that it is not a sajaegi is a way to avoid legal liability. However, how come the agency didn't know that such a purchase would lead to an increase in the score of the music broadcast record. It means that the moral responsibility of sajaegi suspicion cannot be avoided.

Also this is harmful to fandoms of other artists who bought the albums fairly, so Laboum's explanation that it's a "legitimate 1st place" is even worse.

At any rate, Laboum released their explanation without hesitation. Whether to accept it now or not is purely up to the public.

[+361, -11] From "i don't know who bought the albums" to "the fandom probably expanded" to "advertiser bought them"  your agency is really stupid

[+284, -10] Anyway the advertiser said they already bought all of the 28000 ...

[+157, -13] So the public didn't buy but the advertiser bought everything? This is not a fair business practice and needs to be looked at in more detail by the law. Music Bank is also a problem, if you include promotional rankings anyone can be first.

[+90, -1] Whether an individual or a company, if you buy albums you should do it through the company, why are you buying through distributors and retailers?

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