Thursday, May 4, 2017

Bae Jung Nam remembers the late Lee Eon "Hyung, thank you... I wish I could repay you back..."

Model and actor Bae Jung Nam remembered the late Lee Eon (Coffee Prince, Strongest Chil Woo) who passed away in 2008 after a deadly motorbike accident.

"Sangmin hyung (his real name) helped me so much when it was hard on me. Even if he was just living in a basement room, he said "come live with me"" Bae Jung Nam said.

He then added "Lee Eon hyung was a kind soul. It's too much that I have failed to pay back..."

Bae Jung Nam then talked about the difficulties of his childhood "I don't even have memory of when my parents divorced, I was really young. I went through a few aunts' houses then grew up with my grandmother. She passed away. I lived for a year of elementary school in my parents' house. I was all alone in junior high. I couldn't eat well while growing up so my physique was very frail."

[+2688, -47] Lee Eon sshi, I really liked you in Coffee Princeㅠㅠ

[+1865, -38] Lee Eon...ㅠㅠ I'm tearing up....ㅠㅠ

[+1420, -44] But from now on, let's walk on the flower path!!

[+1147, -24] I want to see more of your works ♡♡

[+210, -3] Lee Eon had that fateful accident just when he started to get famous, I feel really sorry

[+191, -0] Lee Eon was a really good person, there are a lot of people who always say they miss him (Ju Ji Hoon, Kim Jae Wook, Ryu Deok Hwan...)

[+181, -0] Be careful with motorbikes, being thrown off of them is really dangerous 

[+159, -0] Lee Eon was really one of the most liked models... he was a star in the sky... It's been so long I haven't heard of him again, I need to look up his picture

[+158, -9] I thought he looked like Lee Eon, turns out they were close friends... It must have been really hard on you... From now on let's walk on the flower path

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