Thursday, May 4, 2017

Baeksang Awards celebrate 33 unknown actors with an emotional stage performance "I am also an Actor"


A song was performed at the ceremony by 33 actors who played small roles in films released over the last year. 

Veteran Song Kang Ho said “There are scenes that featured many actors but were cut and some of the actors didn’t get to be shown in the movie at all. I want to give today’s honor to all of them.” 

[+2175, -15] This was so touching. Please do not give up on the non famous actors!!

[+1850, -7] There is no obscurity forever. And vice versa.

[+1396, -13] I really teared up when I saw this... Do not give up on your dreams... Fighting!

[+992, -11] That was so cool...

[+831, -14] I was crying along with them ㅠㅠ

[+276, -8] I don't know who came up with this idea but it looked really good and meaningful

[+208, -5] I think the Baeksang this time was very good in purpose and composition

[+219, -11] I do not hate idols but these stages are more meaningful than celebrating an idol acting. If you are still working towards your dreams, please do not give up.

[+204, -8] Yesterday, the awards ceremony was meaningful in so many ways. I cried together with Ra Mi Ran sshi at the tribute for Kim Young Ae sshi... and then this footage and performance came out and my heart ached some more.

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