Saturday, May 27, 2017

Bong Joon Ho or Hong Sang Soo for Palme d'Or? Will Korea's seven year award drought end?


Article mentions Bong Joon Ho and Hong Sang Soo being part of  the "Cannes family" as they have consitently presented works on the French award platform, inmplying that might work in their favor.

[+220, -6] What do you mean they are present every year? This is Cannes not some neighborhood festival hosted by our country

[+209,-11] They are not obligated to award them

[+164, -5] Even if Okja is a likely candidate, Cannes will ban Netflix movies from next year.

[+72, -3] 120 Beats Per Minute will win

[+61, -4] Isn't it the duty of the reporter to not only highlight the Korean movies but also give a view of every movie in competition?

[+33, -2] Wonderstruck and The Killing of a Sacred Deer were amazing, they said Nicole Kidman's acting was enormous, and I always anticipate Todd Haynes movies.

[+29, -1] Trash journalism

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