Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Gong Yoo's heartleft acceptance speech "Thank you to everyone"

[+5345, -114] Gong Ji Cheol, I love you!!!

[+4252, -251] Honestly he had to win it

[+3178, 84] Really dashing in a suit

[+2498, -95] He should also get Best Style Awardㅜㅜ... A pity

[+1682, -32 ] He seems to be struggling between actor Gong Yoo and person Gong Ji Cheol... Take it easy... Find more about your inner self and look away from your actor image of Gong Yoo

[+1540, -33] I heard your speech on Goblin... as the work is finished, the emptiness is not a joke.. Manage your depression and take care of yourself before it's too late

[+1452, -26] Gong Yoo-nim it seems you had a hard time sharing the content of your heart, be happy

[+993, -21] Congratulations, sincerely... I don't know what it is exactly but I hope you find a way to overcome the heaviness and burden and accept love and find a way to be happy :) In any case your fans will always be there for you. To us, Gong Yoo sharing Goblin with us made us very happy.

[+845, -28] You're the daesang in my heart, Gong Ji Cheol

[+686, -20] You deserve this award because you were the best❤️

[+633, -21] I'm worried about him, he sounds depressed these days

[+579, -8] Something seems to keep you nervous... I feel acting puts a lot of pressure on you, take a break for a while and find out more about yourself

[+606, -22] I support you! You are a dear icon to us but you are also precious to your family. Gong. Ji. Cheol. Your well being is also precious to us

[+555, -16] Dokkaebi Gong Yoo-sshi. I've been happy the last few months, it's nice to see you on TV again... Congratulations

[+525, -9] One day in an interview it felt like he was very sensitive, such tendency helps to grown as an actor but he really seems to be struggling more than others

[+418, -13] Gong Ji Cheol-nim we're with you! We'll always support you! Together till the end!

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