Monday, May 1, 2017

Hyuna, Triple H, Music Video Controversy


[+186, -10] They look drugged... like ideas chodings would have... I don't know what the Director or Hyuna were thinking... If you wanted to produce something this insensitive, at least make them look like adults

[+126, -3] America and Korea are totally different...In the US it doesn't matter if they get exposed or not, but what about our culture? You should at least think about that. I don't know what you're trying to get at by creating such a video. What kind of song where there's this much exposure is still a song. If you're just going to get exposed like this, don't insult the name of such a famous wrestler

[+94, -3] Enough already with your sexy concepts

[+104, -15] Here H means sex, Triple H is for a three-sexuality (threesome쓰리섬)... I'm just curious about the mental state of the people involved in this song

[+26, -0] Why does your agency keep doing things like this?

[+26, -1] I don't think this is just a problem of sexual issues

[+24, -1] This is neither cultural nor artistic so it's not something that can be accepted or understood. I don't care if artists express themselves like this, if you understand what it means to be a popular song, the result wouldn't have come out like this. Age restriction isn't important. Aside from minors, this isn't good for adults either. Suicide, drugs, freedom in criminal conduct, I can't say this deserves to be respected. This is naturally problematic and cannot be covered under the pretense of art.

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