Wednesday, May 3, 2017

JIFF, Kang Dong Won 1st public appearance, bows and apologizes again.

[+9628, -599] The initial response was bad...If you had admitted  it and apologized, it would have been suppressed early. It is a bitter reality, but I hope to see you in a good work as a better young man in the future.

[+9189, -1237] There is no sin to be held against the offspring who apologized and tried to fix it

[+7516, -757] Apologize and reflect on it. I will watch your steps but I think you are a trustworthy person from what I've seen so far. I will cheer on you.

[+5493, -453] There is no paternity system but saying that you admire him is wrong. I'm glad you apologized

[+4161, -586] I will support you in the future. Show me a good look.

[+842, -35] Living in an independent land, we can never forget the independence activists

[+728, -31] This is why it's important to think of your offspring before you act on anything

[+545, -39] This shouldn't be exclusive to celebrities. Everyone from celebs, public officers and the general public should be strict on this. Reflect and serve to live well.

[+529, -97] It's important to move on from this. Honestly I've never seen anyone hate on Kang Dong Won for no reason before.

[+435, -6] I think it would be good if we cared more about the offspring of the independence activists in this country.

[+419, -19] YG's disadvantages: Responses as slow as 3G

[+311, -32] Now you know how to behave yourself, don't you?

[+502, -123] He apologized again and again and seemed to be reflecting... I look forward to your work in the future

[+412, -89] Good for you to apologize. Give me a good look in the future.

[+366, -71] I thought it was much better than those actors who still did the CFs

[+317, -63] Not knowing is not a sin...  Please do a lot of good work in the future and turn this around

[+244, -46] I'll cheer for you cause the descendants did nothing wrong... Still the offspring of the independence activists are lamenting that they're living a hard life

[+148, -18] The offspring who apologize are innocent. The crazy ones are the offspring of the pro-Japanese who ask for them to get back

[+105, -6] You can't choose your family but if there is a problem there's no need to hide, you need to talk about it.

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