Saturday, May 27, 2017

Kim Eui Sung: "Hong Sang Soo, Kim Min Hee... So pretty, I envy that feeling of love"


[+3015, -65] Why do you keep commenting like this? Do you feel exhilarated by getting criticized? Are you a pervert?

[+2618, -73] Are you doing drugs?

[+2593, -67] Ahjussi.... Just go to the hospital already

[+150, -2] If your son in law ever leaves the house and throws away your daughter like this, I wonder if you'll say the same thing then

[+146, -2] So this is why you were flirting with Sulli? Kissing up to Kim Min Hee as well

[+135, -3] I'm curious if you'll find it beautiful even if she was taken away by a young man

[+125, -4] Crazy fucker, where is the love that should be envied? The whole thing is dirty

[+122, -1] Even while having a wife and child... looking at that mess and saying you envy it.... There's a difference between being cool and being crazy

[+117, -1] Sooo with Sulli....

[+84, -2] Ahjussi, just cut off your SNS please...

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