Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Moon Hee Jun "I want to be a father that's like a friend"

[1908, -87] You're going to get 100 million more antis

[+1428, -54] Long time fans don't like you lying to them you selfish man

[+1324, -46] You treated your fans like wallets

[+859, -34] Depending on the situation, aren't you going to be a father than hides his kids?

[+580, -22] I only came to see the comments 

[+482, -7] Stopped working because of a panic disorder... however it turned up to be an early pregnancy

[+441, -7] Oppa, you shouldn't have lied...If you'd been sincere you'd have received congratulations. Sad.

[+366, -11] Lying so easily, you know if you have child you'll be an unqualified parent 

[+315, -19] Why did you lie to the fans and public when you opened your mouth ? "absolutely not pregnant, I will protect my wife. I will respond firmly"

[+314, -10] A lying father. I feel sorry for his kid

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