Saturday, May 27, 2017

Park Chan Wook: "I'm proud of the new emerging directors. I try not to picture violence as something attractive"

Park Chan Wook: "The emerging film directors have been discovered through short film festivals created by my generation's directors, including myself. If you look at their progress from short films to masterpieces, if you look at the originality of the work, it is very emotional. It is the basis of our pride."

[+541, -15] Let's applaud all the great people who grew up in a land of narrow content!

[+368, -14] That's what we have to do

[+370, -23] Bong Joon Ho and Park Chan Wook are the kind of geniuses that we will never witness again

[+257, -16] Park Chan Wook Director-nim, thank you for all your movies

[+138, -16] Okja was daebak

[+37, -2] Old Boy will always remain the number one movie of all time 

[+38, -3] The description of Park Chan Wook by Cannes official was so accurate, he always appears with a very calm aura surrounding him and when he is asked something he always thinks deeply before speaking in a calm tone of voice 

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