Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Ruler: Master of The Mask Episode 1, Yoo Seung Ho's first appearance as a secret Crown Prince

[+1059, -49] Even if he uses a mask, he is totally handsome

[+968, -54] Seung Ho's vocalization! As expected from a good actor!

[+928, -51] Woah, Yoo Seung Ho was really good! He also went to the army very early, if you choose your works well you'll become a top actor!

[+829, -49] He was so handsome, I was surprised they had his face coveredã… ã… 

[+635, -39] When he tried to take off his mask... I thought I was going to die

[+271, -16] Woah Yoo Seung Ho... Seriously... What an actor

[+260, -18] First time I see this kid called Yoon So Hee..... Her..... Acting..... Spoiled.... The mood.

[+221, -12] Please remove Yoon Sohee from this drama...Go fix your vocalization... Kim So Hyun didn't even appear yet and we had to start with such terrible actress

[+194, -15] Seung Ho is so fun just to look at 

[+160, -6] Advertisements? What are you doing to the broadcasting?

[+148, -6] What? 2 parts? What is this? 

[+152, -9] Someone fix Yoon Sohee's pronunciation... She's ruining a good drama

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