Saturday, May 27, 2017

''The Merciless" actors alone to receive a 7 minute standing ovation at Cannes. Director forfeits his presence due to an SNS controversy. Korean viewers boycot the movie.

The gist of the SNS controversy is that "The Merciless" director Byun Sung Hyun has consistently posted remarks on his SNS against women, presidential candidates and angered netizen who boycotted his movie. The Merciless barely broke 700k admissions in his 2nd week.

[+3885, -170] This director is out of control

[+3128, -123] The actors are the ones who have a lot to lose, this director really smeared his own movie with his actions

[+1722, -97] Im Siwan really transformed into a full blown actor... How upset must the actors have been about the director ... Him not attending was the best! Congratualtions!

[+1907, -249] I'm proud they were screened in Cannes and that people from all around the world seemed to have enjoyed it. there was controversy about the director but it sure is a good movie.

[+1452, -232] It would be a shame not to see the actors' hard work just because of this director... I still can't forget that ending with Im Siwan

[+181, -20] This movie would have been a national hit if that director didn't start running his mouth

[+241, -51] The movie was really good, all the actors were good. I hope you get recognized abroad...

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