Wednesday, May 31, 2017

UEE announces she's leaving After School "To the members, thank you and sorry"


[+11958, -64] After School didn't disband already??

[+7319, -71] What activities do After School have?

[+6161, -43] I thought you were already disbanded since you didn't have any activities...

[+4083, -67] I thought you left already

[+3246, -216] One by one they're leaving... After School had good songs, I'm sad

[+756, -20] You took it too far with the dieting, your earlier charms are all gone

[+726, -19] Please don't mess with your face anymore

[+507, -16] All your charms are gone after the dieting...

[+408, -5] Sistar too dismantling... After School... It's hard

[+381, -17] Your face is not pretty anymore, complete change

[+343, -8] UEE used to be so popular for her honey tighs... Now not anymore

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