Tuesday, June 27, 2017

An explanatory timeline of Yoo Ah In's journey with military service (from 2014 to 2017)

In 2014, YAI applied to enlist as a conscripted policeman. He had not passed the final examination yet but was one of the 8 people selected for the Promotional Unit. 

Trouble began around that time as there was a huge controversy over entertainment soldiers getting preferential treatment, absences from the workplace, mismanagement etc. 

Netizen started verbally attacking YAI online and he had a bit of a fit and called them "keyboard warriors" on his Twitter account and linked "Jimmy Kimmel's Celebrities Read Mean Tweets".
YAI subsequently made the decision to drop out of the promotional unit and not go through with the final examination. (other celebs went through without much notice from the public).

YAI changed his enlistment decision and decided to go for active duty as a regular soldier. A date wasn't made official because he was shooting Secret Love Affair and signed on to movie Veteran.

This is where his long journey with active duty officially began.


YAI received his 1st physical examination in December 2015. It turns out he had suffered a major injury that resulted in his right shoulder muscles rupturing, during filming of movie "Tough As Iron" back in 2013. He got injured again on the set of movie "Veteran" in 2014.
As a result, his 1st medical examination ended up in a hold and "observation of the injured area is necessary". This was his 1st grade hold decision.


In May and December, the 2nd and 3rd rounds followed.

The MMA issued a pending decision for the 2nd grade hold (May) saying "it is necessary to observe the progress".

The MMA decision for the 3rd grade hold (December) was "A follow up and a biopsy of the humeral head cyst is necessary".

It was later revealed YAI had piled up another injury and he had been diagnosed with a bone tumor and had been receiving a poly-therapy.
It was decided YAI would be re-examined in March of next year.


In February, news were leaked to the public about his bone tumor by a hospital insider. YAI said it was begnin and could be treated. He also said he was determined to perform his military duty regardless of his bone tumor diagnosis to wash away the discontent of the public, he also said his bone tumore is private medical info that was not supposed to be leaked.

In March, YAI went for his 4th round of re examinations. It ended in his 4th hold decision.

In May, YAI went for his 5th round and the FINAL decision was issued in June that he was to be exempted from military duty due to his various injuries, his bone tumor and (a new issue was revealed) YAI fractured his left collarbone last year. [The tumor is on his right shoulder/The collarbone fracture is on his left] 

X-ray of YAI's left collarbone fracture

About conscription grades (this is very very simplified):

Grade 1-3: Normal active duty, but can also do public service in some cases.

Grade 4: public service

Grade 5: civil defendant (during peace time)/ exhibition work.

Grade 6: exempted from both active duty and public service.

Grade 7: People whose mental or physical condition is currently difficult to judge, check-ups within a span of two years to come up with a final decision.

From grade 5 to 7: To come up with a decision you have to be re-examined. If you get the same grade decision or even a lower one than the original you get an exemption from mandatory military service. This is obviously a very simplified explanation and more of a case-by-case. (not everyone ends up getting an exemption).

(Use with credit, thanks)

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