Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Battleship Island cast pose for Harper's Bazaar

[+3794, -120] Battleship Island... I have to watch this movie

[+3321, -122] Woah So Ji Sub it's fucking crazy.... That aura of his !!

[+2525, -94] So Ji Sub joined a  blockbuster!

[+2201, -117] Let's get 20 million admissions for the first time in Korea!

[+1665, -79] This will be a massive hit!

[+305, -28] Hwang Jung Min and So Ganzi are top male stars, Song Joong Ki adds the flower touch, I like it!

[+316, -34]On another level really! So Ji Sub is so handsome, he gives out the strongest aura! The maknae is handsome (Song Joong Ki)

[+245, -33] Looking forward to this! So Ji Sub, Hwang Jung Min, Lee Jung Hyun... this will be so good!

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