Monday, June 5, 2017

Gummy included a song written by Jo Jung Suk in her comeback album


[+2396, -94] Where will you find someone as good, you guys don't waste precious time!

[+1499, -48] Jo Jung Suk is multi-talented, he does everything well

[+1193, -83] I'm jealous, you too look good together!

[+774, -89] So many mentions these days, are you going to marry

[+400, -19] As a musical actor, Jo Jung Suk is better at singing than a lot of current singers

[+311, -25] From now on, Gummy articles will always mention Jo Jung Suk

[+349, -62] Gummy mentions Jo Jung Suk everytime she does an interview, he never mentions her

[+200, -22] Gummy looks like she wants to get married

[+205, -40] Her interviews always mention Jo Jung Suk... It's almost a marketing strategy

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