Monday, June 5, 2017

Kim Hye Soo public appearance in a new hairstyle

[+6344, -123] The aura of Kim Hye Soo is crazy... Debuted at such a young age and continued her exemplary career for 30 years without a scandal... If you have a scandal in this career, you cannot stand proud and the public will not cheer for you.. She has managed everything right, her appearance, acting, privacy, everything managed properly, and her attitude and manners are always proud, confident and attentive... She is a rare and exemplary entertainer!!!

[+4173, -166] Kim Hye Soo doesn't age

[+3358, -159] It looks good on her

[+2390, -249] I am so proud to have an unnie like her in Korea. But her hair looks a bit awkward to me cause when I think of unnie the image of a shortcut is too strong!

[+1014, -70] Kim Hye Soo is pretty in long hair, short hair, her face is pretty and she's pretty inside out, hard to not look anything but pretty

[+582, -50] Her skin looks so good

[+449, -30] The hairstyle is good but it feels too heavy on one side

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