Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Netizen reviews of movie "Park Yeol: Anarchist From Colony"

Lee Jun Ik is the director behind Park Yeol, Sado (The Throne), Dongju (The Portrait of a Poet), King and The Clown, Sunny amongst other movies.

The reviews are in order of upvotes

10/10 There is no future for people who have forgotten history

10/10 As expected from Lee Jun Ik director-nim!!

9/10 Nothing to add about Lee Je Hoon's acting but other actors are just as good! Good content and great movie!

8/10 A very different movie from Sado and Dongju

10/10 I personally liked it so much because it was neither too heavy nor too light! As expected from Lee Jun Ik director-nim! A movie worth watching at least once!

9/10 It was really fun. The material is heavy but it was also humorous and immersive. And all the actors were strong!

7/10 A movie that should speak to both countries

8/10 A solid story and even some humor

10/10 It was so touching, I'm really proud of Park Yeol 

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