Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Netizen reviews of movie Real

The reviews are in order of upvotes 

1/10 This is the first time I see such avant-garde monstrosity. It was more like a stupid romance movie of druggie Sulli. This is an attempt by the Chinese to retreat Korean cinema 100 years back.

1/10 Seriously the worst movie of 2017... What are you even trying to show me???

4/10 Kim Soo Hyun looked cool, the movie was pretty trash

5/10 wow... just wow

1/10 This movie is a collaboration between hypotension and narcolepsy

10/10 Just look at it as a video version of Kim Soo Hyun pictures

1/10 There is zero content... zero facts... Pure boredom

2/10 Director-nim, what the hell did you do with these actors??

5/10 Kim Soo Hyun and Sung Dong Il' acting is worth watching.... but the story is all over the place... and those scenes... yeah...

1/10 Please don't watch this movie

1/10 It would be more fun to watch the ceiling at home

10/10 I only gave it a 10 for the actors' effort. Director, what did you do...

1/10 This director made me learn a lesson: don't do drugs. He must've done drugs while filming this movie.

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