Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Sting "There are so many coffeeshops in Korea, is it an addiction? Honored my concert sold out in 30 sec"


[+3259, -52] I have to admit he's right, I'm addicted to coffee... I have to get at least one cup per day

[+2993, -63] Sometimes I drink coffee to feel alive rather than to enjoy the taste

[+2097, -27] He got that one right

[+1770, -30] Seriously... when you wake up or eat you just unconsciously look for coffee

[+1307, -28] I have coffee when I wake up, at work, during lunch, in the afternoon, and at night

[+307, -3] In Korea, coffee is not for fun, it's caffeine to keep working

[+291, -5] Westerners drink coffee for leisure, here in Korea it's to keep going

[+277, -3] I don't buy coffee, I survive with coffee

[+169, -3] I gulp it down like it's just black water

[+163, -4] Our office workers survive with coffee

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