Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Kim Go Eun leaves Hodu, joins BH Entertainment


[+2987, -152] I knew she wouldn't renew

 ---> [+1035, -20] of course she won't stay in the same agency as Shin Ha Kyun now

 ---> [+519, -11] Hodu is a nice agency, full of great actors and they're loyal. Shin Ha Kyun             would  never leave. 

[+1988, -298] She's better suited here

[+1421, -236] This is better because at Hodu they have too many actors and didn't manage her well

[+1766, -426] I hope you do well wherever you go

[+417, -86] Be careful... In this agency, there's a man you should be careful of
(BH Entertainment is home to Memories of The Sword co-star Lee Byung Hun)

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