Saturday, July 29, 2017

Sport Seoul Blind Items

Letters are no indication to the person's name, I changed some letters to fit in all the blind items into one post. 


It's a world where drama becomes reality. Wonder if another couple will be born.

In a drama currently airing, four male and female protagonists are shooting heart eyes at each other, so the staff are watching and waiting.

A is the one most explicitly shooting heart eyes at B but just like in the drama where she doesn't receive the love, it looks like in reality she won't either.

B is looking at young and pretty C but C is looking at the protagonist D.

D once dated and broke up with someone he met during a drama, so this time he is being cautious.

We wonder which actor will win the love.


- Celebrity F's double life was again on the cutting board. F is attracting attention as an entertainer who is externally elegant, good, sincere and well-managed. The fact is that reality is completely different. Problems of basic punctuality to schedule, and to blame others for everything. F hasn't been able to find an agency for 2 years. A former agency official said "F won't be able to fool anyone anymore, impossible to work with F for even one day. Almost hurtful to look at F sunny personality in TV"

- Entertainer G is the star face of the company. G showed affection for his agency and actively recruited other artists. However there is a rumor that G will leave the company after disagreements. Artists who joined just for him now feel awkward. Curious to see the future of these artists after G leaves.


Celebrity M and N's dating news has been gathering attention, but the reality is otherwise. People who know M and N say they're not romantically involved like they appear to the outside world, N is far from the ideal of M. But since it was reported, they're just playing along with it.


P and R are one of the couples that are in a public relationship. Until recently, both have been affectionate towards each other even on broadcasts and make everyone jealous. There are a lot of fans that are carefully waiting for their wedding news. There is also a rumor going around that they moved in together. An entertainment official said "It seems marriage is close now. Expect some good news in the future."


- Members of an idol group are dealing with bullying issues. Members are unable to get along with each other and managers are having a hard time keeping the harmony between them. In particular one member has a pretty strong personality. To the outside they seem loyal to each other, but the managers and agency employees are very nervous.

- There are a lot of music groups who have disbanded nowadays. There are cases where groups break up because some members don't have  a good relationship with each other. One such case is members X and Y. Y posted a team photo from the past that had X in it. However X reported it as "violation of rights" to the website, as X doesn't want to be seen with Y.

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