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"100 million admissions" Song Kang Ho vs Hwang Jung Min

Article via Naver

Song Kang Ho (50) surpassed the 'cumulative audience of 100 million viewers' with his current release, It is the audience he has gathered in 18 years since "The Quiet Family" in 1998. 

"Taxi Driver" that is currently in theaters, has surpassed 8 million viewers already and is aiming to be the third "10 million admissions' movie" of Song Kang Ho.

Hwang Jung-min (47) also surpassed the '100 million audience' through the 'Battleship Island' which was released this summer. 

Though it is lower than expected, Battleship Island has collected 6.4 million viewers. It is the achievement that he has reached after filming 33 movies since 1998 movie "Shirley".

The two are male actors who represent Korean films since the 2000s. Directors and producers cast them and the audiences believe in their name and buy a movie ticket. In the meantime, both actors became the actors who represent a certain trend of Korean film and its male image.

1- Song Kang Ho, common sense that stands the test of time

In Taxi Driver, Song Kang Ho is a taxi driver called Kim Man Seop who drives a German reporter in May of 1980, to Gwangju. He is an ordinary worker who is not interested in the city or its politics, he is also a  father who raises his only daughter, alone. It is hard to find an actor who can portray the role of  a common man caught up in difficult times, like Song Kang Ho did. 

When the role of Kim Man-seop was first presented to Song Kang Ho, he rejected it, and casting work stopped completely.

Although less known for laughing or crying in his acting, Song Kang Ho is still a "cool act". He does not concentrate on revealing himself too intensly.

Movies critics say the secret to his longevity is a sense on universality in his acting that allows him to connect with audiences, he is also a korean man with a sense of traditional patriotism, he has developped nostalgia and familiarity with the audiences. He can do anything from contemporary to historical movies and will be a leading figure for a long time.

2- The commited professional, Hwang Jung Min

Unlike Song Kang Ho who often appears in good roles, Hwang Jung Min does not mind playing evil characters or good characters who use evil means.

Ryu Seung Wan calls him "an important film comrade, before being an actor" "as an actor you can do anything you want with him" 

Compared to Song Kang Ho, Hwang Jung Min goes for evil roles that leave a lasting impression.


[+7858, -352] It's futile to discuss the acting powers of the two... but to me Song Kang Ho has something unique and powerful. The power to make an entire movie on your own.

[+7482, -582] Aside from acting superiority, Song Kang Ho wins when it comes to acting in quality work. Memories of Murder is a masterclass.

[+5926, -416] Although both are good, Song Kang Ho is more trustworthy

[+5160, -300] Both are the best

[+4999, -475] I vote for Song Kang Ho

[+1492, -100] In my opinion, Song Kang Ho... I still can't get over The Attorney

[+1492, -100] Song Kang Ho is a real acting genius

[+1545, -124] I have to vote for Song Kang Ho. Hwang Jung Min's image consumption is too much

[+1320, -84] This year's film festivals' "Best Actor" are all already reserved for Song Kang Ho

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