Thursday, August 3, 2017

Director Kim Ki Duk accused of slapping an actress and forcing her to film an unscripted bed scene

Actress A-sshi (name undisclosed) is being backed by movie unions and staff from movie Moebius. She later quit and did not participate in this movie. (This movie is about a distressed mother and a disturbing story of incest). She is now suing him. 

Kim Ki Duk's reps said that the slapping happened as a way "to rehearse for the scene'' and "he never forced a sex scene"

[+10000, -256] Please get rid of people like this

[+9372, -178] It's useless to try to attach a reason to it once you admit you actually hit her

[+7467, -219] No matter who the director is, this isn't how an actress should be treated

[+4462, -197] I didn't see this coming from Director Kim Ki Duk... I know we should stick to the facts but still this is upsetting

[+1707, --39] If he did this to an actress, imagine how worse he'd have been with the staff

[+1527, -29] How many things happen undercover

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