Thursday, August 3, 2017

"Taxi Driver" immediately dethrones "Battleship Island" in the box office


[+6995, -356] What did you expect? It's Song Kang Ho, the box office guarantee

[+6335, -457] Of course it did.... Battleship Island is different, when I asked my friends if Taxi Driver was fun, they said it was better than fun

[+5200, -377] Best example for movies that want to revisit the past, I want to watch it again! Too many movies try to capitalize on painful history

[+4593, -274] I like movies that transmit calmness... Taxi Driver was as expected... I enjoyed watching it

[+3728, -387] Battleship Island... Soon to be seen at home

[+1582, -128] This is how you respect the subject. Taxi Driver, prosper!

[+1379, -127] I'm really impressed. A movie with so many emotions. The cast did so well

[+1315, -121] True. I asked my friend if Taxi Driver was fun, he said that it wasn't a movie trying to be fun

[+1106, -100] It's a good movie that is really more calm than fun, I watched it yesterday and it made me reflect back. Thank you for this movie that gave us an opportunity to think back about those hard times

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