Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Netizen are all praise for Sol Kyung Gu and Kim Nam Gil performances

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10/10 Heo Im Kim Nam Gil's acting is really poignant, so creepy.

10/10 I just came from the premiere. No words needed for Sol Kyung Gu. Kim Nam Gil though, daebak! Taeju here and Heo Im in the drama, they're complete opposites. It's the same actor,, wow what an actor! How can he be so great! How can you not like this movie !

10/10 I just came from the premiere. I really enjoyed this movie. Sol Kyung Gu's acting is amazing. Kim Nam Gil was daebak. Everyone, look forward to this movie! I will go watch it again

10/10 Seriously no words left to describe Sol Kyung Gu's acting. Kim Nam Gil's eyes were everything

10/10 I saw it today and it was really fun. Of course the actors were amazing.

10/10 I'm a fan of the original novel so I was really waiting for this. Both acting and story are good, this is a korean movie that should be a hit.

10/10 I watched the premiere. A movie that makes you think.

10/10 Amazing Kim Nam Gil. In addition it's Kim Young Ha's novel. This was perfect.

10/10 It's one of the best korean thrillers in recent years. It would be difficult to turn the novel into a movie but this is more than a satisfactory result. There are some scenes of mise en scène. It's dark but with bouts of humor. Sol Kyung Gu is crazy good. And Kim Nam Gil is so sexy.

10/10 How can you not like this movie!

10/10 Best thriller I've seen this year! I was screaming in the end!

10/10 An acting confrontation between Kim Nam Gil and Sol Kyung Gu

10/10 Sol Kyung Gu and Kim Nam Gil's acting was just goosebumps! More than I expected from the novel!

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