Friday, September 1, 2017

Roundup of Lee Joon interviews post Father Is Strange and before military enlistment

Lee Joon about his upcoming military enlistment

Lee Joon about his love life and marriage 

Lee Joon about his ideal type, still Olympic medalist figure skater Kim Yuna. He's a huge fan.

Lee Joon about his career 

Lee Joon on what he enjoys watching the most, thankful for the work offers but wants to rest and focus on his fan meetings before enlisting

Lee Joon on the ''actor idol" tag

Lee Joon about his fans, fancafe and upcoming fanmeeting

Lee Joon about his costar Jung So Min and the late loveline on Father Is Strange

Lee Joon about portraying Ahn Joong Hee and the watermelon scene

Lee Joon on the challenges of filming a weekend drama and portraying Ahn Joong Hee

Lee Joon about future roles, his work ethic and his grandma!

Lee Joon about award ceremonies and Lee Yuri noona

Lee Joon about choosing this role and his relationship with Kim Yeong Cheol

Lee Joon about playing a "rude robot actor"

Lee Joon on how he enjoys his life and thoughts on his career

Lee Joon about the process of filming romance scenes

Lee Joon about the challenge of acting opposite Kim Yeong Cheol

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