Friday, March 24, 2017

Synopsis and first reactions to "Yoon Restaurant''

It all begun in Youn Yuh Jung's 50th anniversary where Na PD decided to cast the three for his next variety show. They received training in cooking, managing a restaurant before hand. When they arrived in Bali, Youn Yuh Jung worried that it was too big while Lee Seo Jin got really excited at the idea of making drinks and immediately started with a pineapple juice. The day before the restaurant opened, the three made trial meals and tasted them. When the restaurant first opened, the first guest was a tourist from Denmark.... but he ordered a drink. Then two women came in.

[+1780, -49] As expected from genius Na PD. Youn Yuh Jung is aging gracefully, Jung Yumi is so pretty and Lee Seo Jin is so manly. Shin Goo soensaengnim is so cute

[+1560, -45] Really so much fun... When they finally opened the shop, I got so worried

[+1203, -41] Jung Yumi is so enthusiastic about everything

[+1114, -50] Jung Yumi is so smart and kind... It's nice to have a teacher as lovely as Youn Yuh Jung as well

[+1074, -44] The members combination is really good... Yum-vely + Teacher Youn Yuh Jung + Lee Seo Jin... Great chemistry

[+421, -29] If you look at the program you will feel at ease, it's something between a documentary and variety... the members don't even try hard to make you laugh, it's Na PD's camera work and observations that make it so fun.

[+366, -13] The audience rating is rising... It's a new style of variety

[+356, -17] Na PD is a genius, he takes a lot of shots from the background... Another fun aspect... I want to eat Bulgogi too now... You could put ramyun or kimchi fried rice on the menu too

[+313, -13] It was so unexpectedly sweet... Felt like getting a guest for the first time in your living room

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